Tuesday 24 April 2012

Book Give-Away Contest

This week, through Author Buzz, I'm doing a book give away contest.  I'm offering 5 prize packs of a copy of Depth of Deception as well as a commemorative Titanic Centenary coin.  Anyone interested had to e-mail me with the name of a Titanic survivor.

My e-mail inbox has quickly filled up over the last couple of days.  Everyone has mentioned a Titanic survivor and the choices have been interesting. Margaret Brown (later referred to as Molly Brown) has been the most common choice - especially from contestants in Colorado. Second most chosen are Elizabeth Gladys Millvina Dean who was only two months old when she boarded Titanic and Charles Joughin, Titanic's cook who survived the icy waters because of the extraordinary amount of alcohol he had consumed in the ship's final moments.

Others vying for a copy have gone the extra distance, some looking up survivors with their same names or survivors from their home town. One person even shared a beautiful Titanic poem that she had written.
It's been an interesting way to connect with readers.

The contest runs in the newsletter until Sunday. At which time we will put all the names in a bowl and draw five (5) winners.  A video of the draw will be posted on the book's website. http://www.depthofdeception.com/

Until then I am grateful for the interest that the book is getting.

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