Friday 8 February 2013

Chapter 2 of UN-DEAD (Excerpt)

9-1-1 Incoming Call (Transcript) - July 18, 2012

OPERATOR: "911, What is the nature of the emergency?"

FEMALE CALLER: "Something's happened to my boyfriend. I think he's dead."

OPERATOR: "Ma'am, is your boyfriend with you?"

FEMALE CALLER: "No, he's on a ship."

OPERATOR: "A ship?"

FEMALE CALLER: "Yes, the SS Demitry. They brought something up from the Nazi boat - it killed at least 3 people."

OPERATOR: "A Nazi ship?"

FEMALE CALLER: "Yes! It was on the news! Off the New York coast! Don't you watch the news?"

OPERATOR: "Ma'am, I need you to calm down. Have you taken anything or are you on any medication?"

FEMALE CALLER: "I'm not on anything you moron! My boyfriend is on a boat with something terrible... something they brought up... "

OPERATOR: "What is it?"

FEMALE CALLER: "I don't know!"

OPERATOR: "Do you know your boyfriend's present location?"

FEMALE CALLER: "In the freaking Atlantic! You are no help at all!"

(Disconnected by caller)

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A continuing on-line novelization, modern-day Dracula sequel told in the same style as the original 1897 novel Dracula, but with a new technological twist.

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