Sunday 3 July 2011

Who am I?

So this is my blog. I guess the proper thing to do is introduce myself. My name is Alexander Galant and I am a... hmmm this is the part when I reveal my occupation or profession. Yet that had continued to change and evolve over the years. For a while I was directing short films and stage productions. Did well at both... enjoyed doing it immensely but the money was little to nothing. I never aspired to become a writer.  (Although I never wanted to be a director either but found I enjoyed doing so.) I started writing out of necessity. Most of my short films were self-financed and I was too cheap... er... frugal to pay for the rights to published work so I wrote for myself. It suited me fine. Most of my films won awards and I still don't have to pay the writer.

The problem was that more ideas kept coming to mind. I would jot down some notes and sometimes those ideas would get expanded. The Depth of Deception, my latest work, had sat in the back of my mind for 15 years before I wrote it out as a short story. Now I have finished expanding it into a full length novel (over 90,000 words). So, as my agent is currently sending that novel to various publishers, I have to finally admit to myself that I'm...  a writer.

Does that mean I'm no longer directing? Well no... and I have recently given it a lot of thought. Then it occurred to me: (truth be told, it was pointed out to me by my beautiful, brilliant, straightforward and talented wife)  I enjoy telling the story. Whether on stage, on screen or on a page, I tell the story.

So, my name is Alexander Galant and I'm a storyteller.  

My novel Depth of Deception (A Titanic Murder Mystery) can now be purchased at an introductory rate of $0.99 from Amazon at as well as in other e-book formats from Smashwords at

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